It has been one year now since June contacted me to illustrate her beautiful poetry book Magic Fish Dreaming.

Her very professional and elegant approach gave me the will to work with her. And since then the collaboration with her has been just amazing.

She is very responsive and available to all my questions even though I know that she has a lot of other commitments.

Her creativity is impressive and has no limit, always very interesting and rich. Also, it was very interesting to build and work on an idea with her as she is open minded, flexible and I was impressed by her sharp mindedness.

June is a very inspiring person.

Helene Magisson, Children Book Illustrator, July 2016

For more of the folio of Helene Magisson


Owen Allen, Phoenix Productions:I have known June Perkins since she came to Tully, North Queensland in 2005. I have had the fortune being able to observe June’s work as a writer and a photographer over that time. June is a human artist. There is a gestalt inher life and work that shows up as a calm encouragement and organizing spirit in the service of others in the their possibility as artists especially photographers and writers. I have had the fortune of working with June on a 2007 National Writers Week poetry workshop in her local rural community of Tully; and a 2010 project designing a script writing workshop as action in social discourse that we called Out of the Box theatre. I was thrilled to see June working as documentary maker to the 2013 Tablelands Folk Festival. While her photographic skills are undoubted, June’s photographic work at that festival was quietly unobtrusive, mostly beyond the performer’s and audience’s awareness, yet directly engaging in authentic appreciation of the performer where she needed to be.

Danielle Wilson, Dance Practitioner for health, expression, and healing all ages: I love the sensitivity that June brings into a creative workspace where the subjects are focused and no direction is necessary but technical suggestions are subtle and welcomed. She honours everyone’s story as being unique, with no judgement or preconceived ideas. She is willing to experiment with abstract ideas and go further to extend her knowledge just to fill any gaps. Her dedication to polish the desired outcome is both professional and realistic. I welcomed her experience into my project idea and the collaboration was extremely successful. I miss this talented individual and have yet to find anyone to fill the gap in this far north region. She became my inspiration as well as an honoured mentor.

Diane Finlay Regional Writers Representative – Cairns Tropical Writers Festival 2014: I first met June when she volunteered to present at the inaugural Tropical Writers festival in 2008. I was impressed with her knowledge, her commitment to her writing and to the Licuala Writers group. Since then I have gone on to enjoy June’s talents as a photographer and musician. In 2010 June was again prepared to volunteer her time and knowledge to the second Tropical Writers Festival and delivered an informed presentation on the growing importance of the digital world from a writer’s perspective. June works tirelessly to hone and develop her skills and always gives of her very best in what ever she does.

Pam Galeano, Children’s Author and Licuala Writers Member: I have known June Perkins since 2006. She’s a very talented writer, artist and a responsible, community-minded person who continually learns and uses new technologies creatively. I have worked closely with June on her three major artistic projects funded through grants and/or public donations. June wrote the project grant applications and acquittals and handled the monies. She was meticulous in her record keeping. She is an inspiring leader who recognises and supports the talents of others and is happy to delegate. She communicates her vision very well in person, through the printed word and through her visual art and songs.

Talitha Kalago, Professional Author and Workshop presenter: June is a calm and level-headed, while still being passionate. Her positive outlook has been a soothing element in group dynamics when I have collaborated with her in the past, which has made all our projects together a joy.

Shirley Lyn, Musician, Song Trails Participant: I first met June at SongTrails in Tully in 2012 – a weekend songwriting workshop learning some tools of the trade – when she seamlessly moved amongst everyone taking photographs which she later compiled into a number of slideshow presentations to share with all. From that time I have found June to be very passionate about her work and her enthusiasm shows through in the results that she achieves.

Michael Bromage, Former ABC Open Producer and Library Engagement: June Perkins contributed to the development of ABC Open in the early stages of the national initiative by regularly participating in ABC Open projects, workshops and story publications. Her work and commitment to projects was appreciated to the point the ABC hired June to help further develop ABC Open’s 500 Words project. She was a champion for people living in regional areas of Australia and successfully inspired and encouraged others to join in with ABC Open projects. Her work was most noticeable during ABC Open’s Aftermath project, documenting the recovery stages of Australian’s who had experienced natural disasters. June’s strengths included short stories, articles and photography and within twelve months June had developed and included film-making skills into the repertoire. I worked with June to produce short films for Aftermath and to sub-edit her short stories. June’s stories and empathetic nature was respected and appreciated within the national ABC Open community.



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