Review from Graham Nicholson

After Yasi

“After Yasi”, by June Perkins and Residents of the Cassowary Coast,
(ISBN 9780 98073 1163, ebook 9780 98073 1156, June Perkins/Gumbootspearlz, 2013).

Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi was a very destructive and widespread tropical cyclone that made landfall in northern Queensland, Australia on 3 February, 2011.  By this time, the cyclone had intensified to a Category 5 system.  It had moved offshore down the tropical coast and crossed the coast between Innisfail and Cardwell, with gusts estimated at up to 285 km per hour.  The eye crossed at Mission Beach just before noon and passed over the mill town of Tully a little inland soon after.

The cyclone continued on its path inland as it slowly lost power, affecting a huge area as far west as Mount Isa as well as areas well to the north and south.   It caused billions of dollars in damage and destruction over a…

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